Michael Jackson make $75m for 12 months

Michael Jackson dey take hand 'peace sign'

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Michael Jackson no dey rest for money making

According to Forbes, Michael Jackson na im make money pass for celebrities wey don die but still make pass $10million.

Since 2012, music star Michael Jackson don dey number one for list wey Forbes dey release every year, of celebrity people wey dey make money even though say dem don die.

For dis 12 months wey pass alone, di King of Pop make $75million after im Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil show - Michael Jackson One and im greatest hit album 'Scream,' do very well for market.

Two other singers join Jackson for top five: Elvis Presley wey be number four with $35million and Bob Marley wey carry number five with $23million.

Reggae superstar Marley make money from House of Marley sound equipment and Di Marley Beverage Co. wey dey sell different different natural tea, coffee and table water.

Prince, di popular singer of di song 'Purple Rain' wey die for April 2016, enter number seven with $18million.

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Bob Marley get profession sound equipment company wey dey make money for am

Some celebrity wey make millions of dollars after dem don die but no make reach $10million na Muhammad Ali, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Lee, Paul Walker and Marilyn Monroe.

Forbes calculate money wey dis people don make from October 2016 to 15th October 2017 before money for things like tax, agent, manager and lawyer don comot inside.

Top 13 dead celebrity wey make money pass for 2017

  • Michael Jackson - Musician, die 2009 : $75million
  • Arnold Palmer - Golfer, die 2016: $40million
  • Charles Schulz - Cartoonist, die 2000: $38million
  • Elvis Presley - Musician, die 1977: $35million
  • Bob Marley - Musician, die 1981: $23million
  • Tom Petty - Musician, die 2017: $20million
  • Prince - Musician, die 2016: $18million
  • Dr. Seuss - Author, die 1991: $16million
  • John Lennon - Musician, die 1980: $12million
  • Albert Einstein - Physicist, die 1955: $10million
  • David Bowie - Musician, die 2016: $9.5million
  • Elizabeth Taylor - Actress, die 2011: $8million
  • Bettie Paige - Model, die 2008: $7.5million