Japan: Dem don find dead bodi parts inside person house

Reporters for Japan

Wia dis foto come from, Reuters

Wetin we call dis foto,

On Tuesday, reporters full di front of di house wey police been see bodi inside freezer

Japan police don arrest one man after dem see bodi part of nine people inside im house for Zama, near Tokyo, di country capital.

Police find two heads wey no get bodi inside freezer outside di flat of di suspect, wey im name na Takahiro Shiraishi, as dem dey investigate case of one woman wey miss.

Dem also find bodi part of seven other people, wey dey inside box wey cold, inside di man house.

Di 27-year old dey police hand now as im be suspect.

Police been find di bodi part of eight female and one male, wey don dey rotten, according to Japan newspaper Mainichi Shimbun.

"I kill dem and I come do some things on top dia bodi so that nobody go know," di suspect talk.

Meanwhile, di neighbour wey dey live next to am say bad smell comot from Mr Shiraishi flat when im begin live dia for August.

Police been discover di house when dem begin find one 23-year old woman, wey don miss since 21 October.

People wey dey investigate di matter talk say Mr Shiraishi don dey follow di woman talk, after di woman write for internet say she wan commit suicide.

"Dis place na quiet area wey people dey live. Day care centre no far from here. E dey hard to believe say dem see dis bodi for area like dis," one 41-year old neighbour been tell di newspaper Mainichi Shimbun.