New York attack: Truck driver don kill eight people

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E reach eight people wey die and 12 get serious wound for New York United States as one driver carry im truck take jam people for road wey bicycle people dey use.

Police don arrest one 29-year-old man after dem shoot am for Lower Manhattan. Dem dey look di mata as terrorist attack.

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Image example Tori people for US say di suspect, Sayfullo Saipov bin dey live for Florida before

Tori people say di man name na Sayfullo Saipov and na 2010 im enter di US. Dem don carry am go hospital after dem shoot am.

Police tell CBS tori people say di man write letter leave for inside di truck wey im use wey im talk say na so-called Islamic State im do am for.

Image example Mayor Bill de Blasio say New Yorkers no go gree make dem use dis kain violence take suppress dem.

New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio, say di way di man take attack innocent civilians show say im be coward.

"We know say im wan use dis thing weak us for mind. But we know say New Yorkers dey strong, dem no dey give up.

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US President Donald Trump tweet say im dey follow victims and families of di terrorist attack for New York with im mind and prayers. Im say God and di country dey dia back kampe.

Di oga of New York Police Department, James O'Neill say di wound wey people get for di attack dey serious but e no serious reach make person die.

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Di commissioner talk say "di people wey die plus including di ones wey wound just dey do dia normal thing, dem dey go house from work or school, or dem just dey enjoy di sun on top dia bicycle".

Di attack happen as people dey jollificate for Halloween and one person wey dey dia when e happen talk say im see one white pick-up truck as e dey drive fast enter lane wey bicycle people dey, come jam plenty people.

Im say e reach like like ten gun shots wey im hear later.

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For now, New York authorities dey talk say na one only person do dis bad thing and dem no think say bigger plan dey.

Where di attack happen no too far from Ground Zero, di place wey di 9/11 attack happen for 2001.

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