Kevin Spacey: Netflix don suspend season 6 of House of Cards

Kevin Spacey for di show, "House of Cards"

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Kevin Spacey dey play President of di United States fo majority of di show, "House of Cards"

Netflix, di company wey dey do popular TV show 'House of Cards' don suspend di production of season six.

Di online pay-as-you-watch company talk say di allegation wey actor Anthony Rapp drop dey pain dem for chest.

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Anthony Rapp talk say Spacey put am for bed, climb on top of am and try sleep with am when e dey 14

For interview with online tori people Buzzfeed, Rapp talk say Spacey bin try tempt am for party for 1986. Na 14 years old di actor bin be dat time.

Spacey talk say e dey pass shocked to hear di tori but talk say im no remember wetin happen.

House of Cards bin suppose end after di season six before but dem wan even march break for di production until "further notice".

Netflix and di company wey dem dey follow do di series, Media Rights Capital (MRC), release statement say dem wan "look di matter well-well to check how e go affect dia cast and crew."

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Netflix say dem go cancel House of Cards show

Meanwhile other accusations don come out on top Spacey head.

Other Accusations Wey Spacey dey face

  • Mexican actor, Roberto Cavazos don accuse Kevin Spacey say im sexually harass am. Im talk say wetin happen be like wetin do Anthony Rapp for Spacey hand and talk say many people go come outside.
  • Hollywood film maker, Tony Montana talk say Spacey bin molest am for bar for Los Angeles in 2003.
  • One British barman talk say when im be teenager, Spacey show am im privates, come buy am expensive watch make e no tell anybody wetin happen.

Kevin Spacey never answer dis new accusations.

To add to all di things wey dey worry am dis week, International TV Academy don drop Kevin Spacey as di person wey suppose collect di correct International Emmy Founders Award for 20 November.

Di award na special award wey dem dey give people wey "dia creativity don affect di way people dey produce TV content for world".

Spacey for follow other people wey don collect di award before, like Steven Spielberg and Simon Cowell from X Factor.