UK: Male infertility treatment dey ‘harsh’

Papa and im pickin

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Healthcare for men wey wan get pickin fit dey wicked and one-sided, dis na wetin Fertility Network UK dey talk after dem question some men wey wan be papa.

Dem find out say dem dey fashi men go talk to women alone when dem go fertility clinics.

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Some men dey feel like say sometimes, fertility clinics no dey take dem serious and di people dia dey rude sometimes

Di charity talk say most times, clinics no dey answer di man unto wetin im need for di process. Dem talk say dat one must to change.

One 31 year old man, Gareth Down come open support group for men wey get problems with fertility because im no get person to talk to when im bin need am.

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Gareth Down, wey don get im own pickin, talk say make dem dey treat male infertility like any other condition

Wetin Men de feel?

When im be 20 years old, doctors tell Gareth Down say im no get sperm. But im and im wife don born pickin after eight years of treatment and four miscarriages.

Im talk say e good to get man center wey na only man go dey. Im say dis na better thing wey go help men share experiences.

Im talk say, "times dey wey I bim wan shout but I feel say I no get right because na women dey face everything."