White student chase black roomie comot

Brianna Brochu

Wia dis foto come from, Handout

Wetin we call dis foto,

University officials don talk say Brianna Brochu no be student for University of Hartford again

Wetin you fit do to make person comot your house?

Well, one white university student go face hate crime charge after she enter social media to tell people wetin she do to take chase her black room mate comot.

18 year old Brianna Brochu talk say she bin spit saliva for inside di black girl coconut oil, she put di girl toothbrush for private parts wey we no fit mention and where "sun no dey shine put".

Brochu don already chop charge of trouble maker and 'breach of peace'.

Police for Connecticut talk say dem don tell judge make im add bigotry, wey mean say she no sabi to accept another person wey dey different from am.

Di University President, Greg Woodward, talk say Ms Brochu no be student of di school again.

For statement wey im write give di students, Mr Woodward talk say wetin Ms Brochu do dey very disturbing and shameful.

Mr Brochu bin go Hartford Community Court for Wednesday morning but she no talk anything about di matter.

Meanwhile, di black girl wey Brochu do all dis bad thing to, Chennel Rowe, don enter Facebook to say she feel like Ms Brochu no want am and dey disrespect am.

She talk say she bin sick and dey suffer "extreme throat pain" wey she talk say na Ms Brochu cause am.