Beyonce na 'Nala' for inside new Lion King film

Beyonce for di 59th Grammy Awards as she dey perform Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Beyonce post di cast list for social media

US singer Beyonce go take lead role for di remake of di Disney cartoon, The Lion King.

She go be di voice of Nala, wey be di wife of Simba, wey Danny Glover go act as.

Beyonce announce dis news for her Facebook page to confirm say true-true she dey di film.

People wey go join am for di movie na Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar and James Earl Jones wey play Mufasa for di 1994 original movie go maintain im role.

Di film go comot for July 2019 and na Jon Favreau go direct am. Na im do di remake for The Jungle Book.

For one statement, he talk say, "Na dream of director to gather team wey get talent like dis wey go bring dis classic story come out."

Another thing we de for inside dis tori