Catalan: Puidgemont and friends get case - Spain

Former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont

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Former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont

Spain high court dey find former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont.

Di high court say make Puigdemont show for court, together with 13 members of im government wey dem remove last week.

Di court also give dem three days to deposit $7.2m wey fit be part of any future court fine.

Dis court order dey happen just as Spain chief prosecutor don talk say im wan charge Puigdemont and im colleagues for serious offence wey go include revolution.

Mr Puigdemont dey Belgium with some of im former ministers and im don already talk say im no dey find political asylum for dia.

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People wey dey protest for Brussels Press Club, Belgium where Puigdemont do press conference with media dem on 31 October

Carles Puigdemont start big katakata for Spain wen im organise independence referendum for early October for di region of Catalan.

Spain government no approve di referendum and di Constitutional Court declare am illegal but all of this no move Puigdemont and im people wey continue with dia plans as normal.

Na dis one make Spain central government vex collect power back from di Catalan regional government.

Mr Puigdemont appear for Brussels on Monday just as Spain Attorney-General José Manuel Maza dey push for charges of revolution, treason and mismanagement of government money for di Catalan leader and im colleagues for government.

Di Audiencia National (High Court) don say make di Catalan leaders show to give dia own side of di tori for Thursday and Friday.

If dem no show, government lawyers go order dia arrest.

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Protester outside di Catalan regional government office on 31 October, di day Puigdemont announce say im dey Belgium

Mr Puigdemont talk say na only if Spain promise say im go get free and fair trial before im go return.

Im add say no be like say im dey try dodge justice as im run go Belgium, but im wan get freedom to dey talk im mind.

Di charge of revolution dey carry up to 30-years for prison.