Halloween: Why some Africans dey join do di mask festival?

  • Abdulmalik Fahd Abdulmalik
  • BBC News Pidgin
Halloween mask

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Wetin we call dis foto,

People dey wear different kain costume for Halloween

Pipo for world dey celebrate Halloween every 31 October.

Many pipo for abroad dey do am and some of di things wey dem dey do be 'trick-or-treat' (make children dey waka find sweet for dia area), watch horror feem and even wear one kain cloth join.

For America, research show say dem dey spend up to $6 billion every year for di celebration and na only Christmas holiday dem dey spend money pass.

But as e be so, some Africans sef don dey join to celebrate di holiday. For Nigeria, some school join as dem tell dia student to wear costume, even Ghana dey do.

Some celebrities also join for di celebration to do party join.

Di question be say wetin be dis Halloween and why be say pipo for Africa dey join do am?

Wetin be Halloween?

Halloween suppose bin start like 2,000 years ago for Celtic festival of Samhain (sow-in). Dat time di pipo wey dey di area dey do dia new year for November 1.

Dem get belief say for dat night before di new year, living and dead pipo fit dey di same place.

For dat October 31 dem go celebrate Samhain as time wey dem belief say dead pipo don show for earth.

Dem go put food for outside dia house and dem go wear cloth make dem be like 'ojuju'.

As time dey go, for 8th Century, di Christian church come change di name from Samhain to All Saints Day or All Hallows.

Dat one na di eve before di hallow and na so di name change to Halloween.

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Hallooween na big business for US

From America to Africa

Di original meaning of Halloween don loss for plenty pipo.

Some just dey do am like culture, wen October 31 reach dem go wear 'ojuju' cloth enter road, some go do trick of treat for pickin and others go do party for dia area.

Di main pipo wey dey celebrate now na pipo wey dey abroad but why some Africans dey do am?

'We too dey feel like say we gats follow wetin dem dey do for Western culture.'

BBC News Pidgin talk to pesin wey dey follow pop-culture things - Chinaemerem Oti about Africans wey don join Halloween.

'If pesin wan celebrate Halloween, no be say na bad thing but why you wan do am? Na because dem dey do holiday like Halloween and Thanksgiving na im we dey do am?'

But as some young pipo dey celebrate am, some oda pipo still no too sure how dem go see am.

Di thing be say for many African kontri dem, anything wey concin dead pipo or juju or witches, pipo go dey hala say na bad thing.

For Nigeria, if person family say dat pesin na witch or dey do juju things, dem fit kill di pesin.

Oti still talk say if e be like say holiday for abroad dey 'cool' for Africa, why Africa no dey celebrate some of dia own culture matter well-well?

No be just Halloween, na so e be for Valentines Day wey dem dey do for February 14.

"E get one saying for English 'di world na global village' and nothing dey bad make pipo dey learn from demself, but e be like say African kontri dem gats look di way dem dey like things from abroad before dem go forget all dia own culture things," Chinaemerem talk.