WhatsApp go now allow people to take back message wey don go

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Wia dis foto come from, AFP

Wetin we call dis foto,

WhatsApp new way for people to 'take back' message wey dem don send go sweet many people belle

WhatsApp don get way to 'unsend' message...for some people.

Di online message application just launch wetin dem call "delete for everyone" wey go allow people to take back message wey dem no mean to send or say dem send to wrong person.

But e be like say no be everybodi fit see am use on top dia WhatsApp.

Dat one na because na small small dem dey bring am comot.

One page for WhatsApp website explain say di person wey send message and di person wey dey receive am go need to get di same version of di app for am to work.

Also, if di message don pass seven minutes wey person don send am, di delete no go work.

Wetin we call dis foto,

WhatsApp give user 7 minutes to consider if dem wan take back message

Dis one fit make one Kenya politician, begin bite finger now say dis thing just dey come to WhatsApp.

Anthony Kai wey just become MP, go on top im constituency WhatsApp group to send message of how to do sex well well.

E be like di politician wey im nickname na "Highflyer" no mean to send di message to di group, and when im see wetin happen, e ask di group members make dem ignore di message.

WhatsApp website say di person wey you dey follow chat go see 'message don delete' so dat person go still know say you do mistake.

And dis new feature go work for one-on-one chat and group chat.