Early blood test don dey wey fit show risk of miscarriage

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Di finding fit help doctors take steps to avoid premature birth

Blood test for di first 12 weeks of pregnancy go fit show miscarriage or premature birth, dat na according to research.

US doctors believe say dem don find something for blood wey fit cause things to go wrong when woman get belle, months before signs go show.

Di finding fit help doctors take steps to avoid premature birth.

But sabi people dey warn say make dem no too make mouth, because na "small and first report'' research dem just do.

Di blood test go check for molecules wey dem dey call microRNA, wey dey for blood cells for di placenta.

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How to predict di problems

Di team, from Laboratory for Reproductive Medicine and Immunology for San Francisco, check di microRNA cells' ability to take predict premature birth, pre-eclampsia, and miscarriage for di first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Na 160 births dem monitor- na four times dem take publish di report.

Di result predict miscarriage and late pre-eclampsia wey dey 90% correct and premature birth before 34 weeks wey dey 89% accurate.

Pre-eclampsia na serious condition wey dey cause high blood pressure and other problems dem during pregnancy.

E dey affect 10% of all first-time pregnancy and dey cause premature birth.

Unlike miscarriage, dem fit manage pre-eclampsia and premature birth with medical help.

People wey do di research say dem fit use di test with other screening tests dem.