New York Attack: US green card lottery go stop - Trump

US President Donald Trump

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US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump don promise to cancel di green card lottery.

Di president talk this one on top di shooting wey happen for Manhattan wey kill eight people for Tuesday.

Police don talk say di man wey dem suspect plan and do dis attack use di American green card lottery enter di country.

Di president still talk say im no get any problem to send di New York truck attack suspect go Guantanamo Bay for Cuba.

"I go carry am for mind", Trump tell tori people for cabinet meeting.

President Trump say di US suppose get "very strong'' punishment for people wey dey behave like "animal".

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Five friends from Argentina wey come America for holiday dey among di people wey die

But US lawmakers from di opposition party don accuse di president say im dey use wetin happen for New York win cheap point.

Senator Chuck Schumer wey be di leader for di Democratic party don talk say make Trump stop to dey divide America for time when palava dey.

Eight people die after one man use motor wey im rent jam people for lower Manhattan.

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Sayfullah Habibullahevic Saipov na di New York Truck attack suspect na

Authorities don agree say na terrorist attack. Police shoot di man wey be migrant from Uzbekistan wey dem say im name na Sayfullah Habibullahevic Saipov.

For Twitter Trump say ''Di terrorist enter our country through di Diversity Visa Lottery Programme''.

Schumer dey among di lawmakers wey create di programme for 1990.

For 2013 Schumer introduce bill we go cancel di programme but e no work because di House of Representatives wey di Republicans dey control block di bill.