Young people wey dey ginger other people for di world

Modekl dey pose for ohotoshoot

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Hyun Min suffer plenty yabis when im be pickin because im be black person but im don become very popular model for South Korea

Time Magazine don release list of thirty young people wey dem feel say dia tori fit ginger other people.

Dem follow come from all culture, religions and countries, and one Nigerian dey inside.

Han Hyun Min

"My dream don be reality and I wan make people wey be like me feel like say dia own too fit happen."

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He talk say he hope say im fame go make fashion for Korea carry different people follow bodi.

Dis half Nigerian, half Korean man wey be sixteen years old face racism for South Korea well-well even when im dey kindergarten when di parents of im classmates go tell dem make dem no friend am before dem too turn black like am.

But after dem discover am on top Instagram, im tori don change as im bi one of di models for Korea wey fashion people dem dey find.

Mikaila Ulmer

"I bin hate anything wey dey buzz [Bees]."

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Her next project na to write book wey go help other pickin dem start their business. She talk say she don employ her papa for dat one.

Dis 13 year old pickin bin no dey like Bees at all most especially because say dem don sting am before. Two times sef.

But na around dis time di issue of Bees begin dey interest am well-well. She come learn how important Bees dey for world and dem fit die finish. Na how she start her lemonade business wey she dey use honey make. She dey donate 10% of di profits to groups wey dey help save Bees.

Now her Me & the Bees Lemonade dey for shops and supermarkets for di United States of America and she even get her own NGO wey she call Healthy Hive Foundation wey dey help raise awareness for Bees.

Muzoon Almellehan

"Our country need strong generation."

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Muzoon Almellehan dey travel round di world to preach di gospel of education especially give pickin for Chad wey Boko Haram don pursue comot from school.

Dis 19 year old face wahala to go school after she run from Syria enter Jordan for 2013. She no want any other pickin to face dat kain wahala most especially refugee pickin dem.

She don become UNICEF youngest ever goodwill ambassador.

She go like enter Syria back one day sha.

Sydney McLaughlin

"I fit sleep small if I get free time but instead, my parents dey tell me make I go wash cloth."

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McLaughlin be di first person to win two times for di Gatorade National High School Athlete of the Year Award, she be di youngest person wey don go Olympics for track and field for US since 1972 and she dey hold di junior world record for 400m hurdles.

Anywhere dis 18 year old enter, na so she go dey hear people tell am say na she make dem start to dey run.

Na person wey many sabi people dey see say be di future of US track and field. But instead of am to enter straight start professional athletics, she wan go school for University of Kentucky (to try comot her parents hand small.)

Kritin Nithiyanandam

"No dey fear say dem fit reject you."

He be 17 years old, never finish high school yet but wetin im don do for di world of science don pass papa for di business.

When im be pickin, dem do ear surgery for am and na dia im love for science start.

For 2015 when im be 15 years, im find antibody wey fit find di early signs of Alzheimer's disease. Dis one win am $25,000 for Google Science fair.

For September, im collect another award after im build bioplastic wey fit clean toxin comot from wastewater.

Salvador Gomez Colon

"One day suppose no pass wey we no go tell ourself how we fit make other people life better."

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Im don make reach $75,000 now and e still dey increase, he get hope say di money wey e go gather go reach help one thousand of im neighbours.

When Hurricane Maria sama Puerto Rico, light comot almost all di area and e fit no come back for at least one year.

Di fear wey catch dis fifteen year old boy pass na when dem start to dey ration di food wey dem dey chop. Dis fear push am to start campaign to gather money to buy solar lamps and hand washing machine give im neighbours.