Afghanistan wan ban WhatsApp and Telegram

Taliban special forces
Wetin we call dis foto,

People dey reason am say di Taliban dey use messaging services like WhatsApp and Telegram

Tori people and plenty others wey dey on top social media don accuse Afghanistan say dem dey try stop talk-talk for di country after government announce say dem wan block WhatsApp and Telegram.

One editor for one big newspaper for di country don already come out to say na backward decision and dem go fight am.

E be like say di government no want make di Taliban and other bad groups dey use di WhatsApp to dey send message.

But e never clear whether government don dey make people obey di new law.

Dis week, officials wey dey control telecommunication for di country don confirm say dem don write letter give service providers say make dem do temporary 20-day ban because of security.

Acting Telecommunications Minister Shahzad Aryobee don also enter Facebook to talk say dem wan start to block messaging small-small to solve problems wey people don complain about.

Im say "government no joke with how people get right to talk as dem want because na normal right for everybody".

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Wetin we call dis foto,

WhatsApp and other messaging services don dey popular for Afghanistan

'We no fit tolerate any ban'

Di way mobile phones dey grow na one good thing wey happen for Afghanistan since when US carry other countries invade di country for 2001.

Afghan people and politicians dey use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber well-well but Taliban too dey follow use am send coded message on top social media.

But some Afghan social media users and people wey dey fight for civil rights don say dem no gree say government fit do di ban because people go still use virtual private networks (VPNs) to bypass am.

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Oga newspaper editor Parwiz Kawa tell BBC say na now Afghanistan society just become open after years wey government don block people mouth so, people no go gree for dis ban wey dem wan do.

"Di way people dey chook mouth - plus including for our own front page - na to say no. We no fit gree for any ban on top social media."

Im also talk say "If di Taliban or others dey use am, na to find out who dem be, no be to ban am - dis mata get as e be now as Afghanistan dey grow."