#Paradisepapers: How rich people dey dodge tax

Face of Queen of England Elizabeth II
Wetin we call dis foto,

After panamapapers, dis na one of di largest leaks ever

#Paradisepapers na how rich people dey use island for abroad to hide dia wealth so dat dem no go pay tax.

13.4million leaked papers wey be one of di largest leaks ever, show how one law office Appleby dey help millions of rich people for dis world to dodge tax - wey mean say dem dey run go place where dem fit pay less tax.

Dis paper dem reveal secret document and money matter wey concern some very powerful rich people for di world.

Now Appleby, wey be di law office wey dey inside dis Paradise Papers palava, don describe di leaked paper as "serious criminal act".

Di greatest revelations so far inside dis Paradisepapers palava na:

  • Di one wey Queen of England Elizabeth II private estate invest millions of pounds inside one Cayman Islands fund. Some of her money enter di pocket of one retailer wey dem accuse say use poor people anyhow.
  • Even connection between US President Donald Trump commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, and di son-in-law of Russia President Vladimir Putin, through one investment wey Ross put inside one shipping group, Navigator
  • E even show how Russia government department wey dey control money get connection with investment wey pass hundreds of millions of dollars inside Twitter and Facebook.
  • Another big one na chief fundraiser for Canada prime minister Justin Trudeau wey dey involve on top movement of millions of dollars to paradise island abroad.
  • Di Paradise Papers also reveal how di largest mining company for di world, Glencore loan secret money wey pass millions of dollars to one billionaire from Israel Dan Gertler after di company put im name to get one mining agreement wey carry plenty argument for Democratic Republic of Congo.

How #Paradisepapers dey reign now for social media

Plenty reaction don dey pour from politicians and activists across di world.

Some groups want international companies to dey announce dia tax for each country where dem dey operate to force openness and help avoid dem to dey corner dia profits go places where dem go pay little or no tax.

Former United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan say openness na di only way to stop large company dem to dey steal from African country dem.

Tax Justice Network don even ask United Nations to call for special meeting of world leaders to find a way to end di tax abuse and plenty secret wey dey for money matter.

Transparency International dey demand openness to know di real owners of all di big company dem wey dey around di world to prevent dem to dey use to many oda small company dem to hide dia true identity.