Sutherland Springs: Gunman don kill 26, wound 20 people for Texas church

A candlelight vigil is observed on November 5, 2017 in Sutherland Springs, Texas

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Dem don do candlelit vigil for victims of di shooting for Sutherland Springs

26 people don die and 20 other wound after one gunman carry gun open fire for people wey dey do Sunday service for one church for Sutherland Springs, one small town for Wilson County wey dey Texas, United States.

People gather Sunday morning for First Baptist Church when di man, wey tori people say na 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley, start to dey shoot from outside. Im come enter di church and continue to dey shoot people.

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Tori wey we gather be say na two men wey dey live for di area see wetin dey happen come dey chase am. One of dem carry gun dey shoot am back.

Di suspect come enter im car run comot di place.

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FBI don join local police for where di shooting happen

Police later see im dead bodi for inside di car for where e crash. Dem still never sabi whether im kill imself or whether na shoot wey dem shoot am kill am.

Authorities still dey try to understand who dis gunman be and why im do wetin im do. Police say na 'young white man' im be.

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Di Facebook page of di suspect, Devin Kelley, wey dem don delete get quote from Mark Twain wey talk say im no fear to die

Im dey for US air force before-before but dem discharge am after im beat im wife and pickin for 2014.

Texas Department of Public Safety regional director Freeman Martin say di attacker wear all black with bulletproof vest and im carry Ruger assault rifle take kill people around 11:30.

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Dis mass killing don scatter dis small community of people for Sutherland Springs

Governor of di state, Greg Abbott don already talk say di shooting na di worst wey don happen for di state ever.

"Dis one go be long, suffering mourning for people wey di thing affect".

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US President Donald Trump, wey dey travel around Asia, say make people no dey blame gun for di shooting.

"We get plenty people wey get mental problem for we country. but dis one no be gun mata."

Di pastor for di church, Frank Pomeroy tell ABC News say im 14-year-old daughter dey among di people wey die.

Dis shooting happen just after one month wey one gunman for Las Vegas open fire on top people wey dey jollificate for concert, come kill 58 people.