See as tiger bite dis zoo worker for Russia

Di tiger dey attack di zoo worker.
Wetin we call dis foto,

One person stand for road come snap as di tiger dey bite di woman.

One zoo worker for Russia dey recover for hospital after tiger scatter her bodi in front of people wey come visit.

Di zoo wey dey for Kaliningrad area for Russia tell BBC say dem no follow safety rules. Dem talk say di zoo worker wey dey hospital and di tiger no suppose near diaself.

Di people wey come visit bin dey throw di tiger stone, chair and table to make am fear. Na so di zoo worker pick race.

Di zoo talk talk person Ekaterina Mikhailova say police don begin put eye for di matter. She no gree talk about di wound wey zoo worker get but she say, "Her condition dey stable and her life no dey inside danger."

Mikhailova talk say di tiger wey e name na Typhoon still dey inside im cave.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di zoo talk say di wound wey di zoo worker get no too serious like that.

Di zoo dey suspect say di zoo worker herself break safety rule as she dey clean di cave.

One Russia tori company Komsomolskaya Pravda dey report say di woman get experience well well and she don work for di zoo for 20 years.

Di zoo statement talk say Typhoon di tiger, dey 16 years old and e neva bite any worker for di zoo before.

Dis kain tiger wey dem dey call Amur dey very scarce and people dey hunt dem well well.