Why Fox cancel one TV advert to impeach Donald Trump

Tom Steyer dey dey address tori people for San Francisco City Hall

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Na 24 October na im billionaire Tom Steyer begin call for Trump impeachment

Fox News Channel say dem no go show any more advert wey Democratic donor Tom Steyer sponsor to remove US president Donald Trump.

For dis TV advert, Steyer wey be billionaire dey ask American people to sign petition wey go impeach Trump as di number 45 US President.

But Fox News Channel say dem stop di TV advert because of di kain bad reaction e dey bring from viewers.

One of di bad reaction even come from Trump himself, wey tweet say dat donor Tom Steyer dey "mad and no dey think."

"People for Congress and im own government know say dis president na clear and current danger, wey head no correct and im get nuclear weapons, and dem dey do nothing," na so Steyer talk for di Advert wey don also show for CNN and other stations.

Steyer lawyer Brad Deutsch don talk say 1.5 million people don already sign di petition.

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di call for Trump impeachment cost reach $10 Million

Wetin happen before dem stop di advert.

Three times for morning of 27 October na im di advert show when dem bin dey do "Fox & Friends," wey be popular morning show for Trump and im fans.

Sharp-Sharp, Trump carry vex enter Twitter say Tom Steyer (di billionaire wey sponsor di advert) don dey fight im 'Make America Great Again' agenda.

Tori be say Steyer bring seven more adverts for Fox News to show di following week, but im lawyer Deutsch say di company cancel dem.

Co-president of Fox News Jack Abernethy say "because of di kain bad reaction wey dia advert dey bring from our viewers, we no go fit use clear mind collect dia money."

Deutsch (di billionaire lawyer ) say im believe say FOX news stop am because of pressure from di White House to stop di advert.