Smoke for air make people for Delhi fear

Delhi Smog Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Dis man for Delhi dey cover im nose make di smoke for di capital no affect am

Fear don catch people inside India capital, Delhi unto say one thick smoke cover di area on Tuesday.

People no fit see well inside as di smoke reach up to 30 times. World Health Organisation talk say e bin dey normal for some areas.

Di Indian Medical Associaton (IMA) halla 'state of emergency' and call government to 'do everything to reduce dis palava'

Plenty people don enter social media to show picture as di thing dey happen.

Na serious matter

Di level of one small matter wey dem dey call PM 2.5 wey fit enter person nose and lung reach up to 700 micrograms per cubic meter for some areas.

Na di System of Air Quality Weather Forecasting and Research website show dis one.

Air pollution matter don dey affect di Indian capital, Delhi, no be today.

Last year, smoke cover plenty area after dem blow 'banger' as dem dey jollificate dia Diwali festival.

As e be so, di IMA don talk say make dem cancel marathon wey suppose happen on 19 November.

Some people also talk say e no easy to breath for di area.

Police for di areas don enter road to help people reach dia house as dem no fit see well-well

Di chief minister for Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, don say make di education minister arrange as dem go close school for some days.

Activist people dem say government no do better things to arrange make dem no dey suffer dis kind smoke palava.