UK: Priti Patel don resign on top Israel meetings

Priti Patel Image copyright Reuters
Image example Priti Patel mouth bin strong for di Vote Leave campaign during di EU referendum

Priti Patel don resign for di work wey she dey do as UK international development secretary as she dey inside wahala for meeting wey dem no approve wey she do with Isreali officials.

Di Prime Minister bin order am make she come back from Africa where she bin travel go Uganda and Ethiopia, come back Downing Street on top di meeting.

For her letter of resignation, Patel write say wetin she do "dey below di standard of transparency and openness wey I dey promote".

Di Prime Minister Theresa May talk say di decision wey she make dey "right" as "more information dey comot".

Ms Patel bin tell Theresa May sorry on Monday after e come out say she do unapproved meeting for August with Israeli politicians, wey include dia prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

But later information, come out say she bin get two more meetings wey government officials bin no dey for September.

When she land UK, she bin get 45 minute meeting with Mrs May.

Dem accuse am say she go against di ministerial code, wey dey set di way wey government ministers suppose act.

Mrs May talk say make Ms Patel "take pride" in wetin she don achieve when she dey do di work.

But BBC tori person for politics, Vicki Young talk say di response wey Mrs May give as Patel resign dey "interesting" as "e bin dey clear form Theresa May side, say if she no resign, dem for sack am".