How Donald Trump still dey tweet for China?

Presidents Xi Jinping and Donald Trump Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Trump talk say China dey try for di work wey dem dey do to try comot nuclear weapon for North Korea but work still dey plenty to do

Donald Trump don land for inside China as im dey waka for five countries wey dey for Asia.

But wetin dey make people dey talk na because Donald Trump don tweet reach four times for di country wey some people say get "di great firewall of China".

Dis na because China dey very strict on top wetin dem citizens fit do for social media. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram no dey work for di country because government block am.

So, how Trump fit dey tweet?

1. Im carry im own internet connection follow bodi

E be like say im carry im own internet follow bodi for dis trip as e fit don know about di restrictions and as Donald Trump no dey Weibo (di social media site wey popular for China), im go need package imself.

Journalist wey dey follow Trump for dis im waka don find say dem fit do Twitter for dia phones as long as dem dey connected to 3G or 4G roaming network for foreign sim card.

2. Im beg dem for internet access

Donald Trump fit don ask China make dem lower dia firewall so dat im go fit talk give im followers because, according to Weibo, im bi di Twitter President.

Before Trump enter China, dia Vice Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang tell reporters say Trump go fit tweet as e want, say "we dey look everything as we dey receive foreign heads of state, so no dey worry say Mr President go fit reach outside people."

3. Im carry special phone go

Dem fit don give am special secure phone wey im fit roam network connections as im dey for China mostly so e go fit dey secure for foreign land. After all, dis na United States of America President we dey talk about.

4. E dey run enter Presidential plane when im wan tweet

E fit be say Air Force One na im tweeting house. As soon as im wan tweet e fit just run dey enter unto say im wan go through di VPN palava.

5. Person dey US wey dey tweet for am

Now dis one fit no dey like dat on top say, im don post pictures and videos from China but possibility dey say person dey for America wey dey help am dey tweet.

Dis na as news report dey come out say di way wey im dey tweet for China dey different to wetin im don talk about di country before. But e also fit mean say im don change im mind.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori