"No try us"- Donald Trump dey warn N Korea!

President Donald Trump dey warn North Korea for Seoul Image copyright Getty Images
Image example North Korea never respond to di latest warning from Trump

US President Donald Trump don draw line for sand give North Korea say dem go hear am if dem cross am.

"No think say we no go fit. And no try us", na di exact words wey President Trump give as warning to North Korea leader Kim Jong-un on Wednesday 8 November when im dey talk to South Korea parliament.

Dis no be di first time wey di US president dey warn North Korea on top dis nuclear matter. In fact di last warning na for UN General Assembly - Trump: US go "totally destroy" North Korea .

For dis latest warning, di American leader bin dey condemn wetin im call "dark fantasy" of life inside North Korea as im travel go South Korea wey follow for di five-country im dey visit for Asia.

Im say "di weapons wey Mr Kim dey do no go make am feel safe", im come beg oda country dem to join bodi to stop Pyongyang.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Pyongyang nuclear plan na di biggest agenda wey Trump dey talk about for dis Asia tour.

Since di last one year, North Korea don fire more than five rocket bullets as test, even if e disobey UN sanctions and for September di country fire di number six biggest nuclear test.

North Korea never respond to dis latest warning wey Trump give.

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