Your wound for day go quick heal pass night wound

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Image example Wound treatment fit improve according to research people

Wound wey person get for day time dey quick heal pass di one wey person get for night, na so one research talk.

Di study been find say if na night wound, e go take like 28 days to heal, but na just 17 days for day wound.

Di MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology team for UK, say from di 118 wound patient wey dem study, di difference wey dem see surprise dem.

Dem explain am say di reason e be like dis na because of di way one clock inside every human being dey work in 24 hours.

Di research, wey dem publish inside Science Translational Medicine, study 118 patients for National Health Service (UK) wound department.

Image example Everybodi get clock inside dia bodi wey dey control when sleep go catch us

E show say on average, na 11 days separate di time wey e dey take for daytime wound and night-time wound to heal.

Lab work wey dem do well-well show say cell on top skin wey bi fibroblasts, dey change during di 24 hours of di day.

Fibroblasts na di first thing inside person bodi, wey go rush go where wound dey to try close am.

For day time, fibroblasts dey very ready to work, but for night, e dey dey slow.

Dr John O'Neill, wey bi one of di research people, tell BBC say: "E be like 100m race. Di runner wey kneel down, rest leg on top block, ready to run, go always beat di other person wey stand to run."

Di research people believe say dem fit use di knowledge to do better operation.

Image example Wound treatment fit improve according to research people

Some medicine, like di steroid cortisol, fit reset di bodi clock and e fit dey good to use for night-time treatment.

And di bodi clock wey dey inside everybodi dey different small.

So, e fit make sense to arrange for operation to follow how di patient 24-hour "circadian rhythm" be.

Although, dem never test dis two ideas.

Dr John Blaikley, scientist for di University of Manchester, say: "Treatment of wounds dey cost NHS around £5bn, and one reason e be like that be say correct treatment of wound no dey.

"If we consider dis bodi clock, e no go only help us develop better medicine, but even di medicine wey don dey before go work better pass how dem dey work now, depending on if na day or night di patient use am."

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