France: 'Car attack' don wound three students

Scene of incident Image copyright Reuters

One driver don by-force use car deliberately jam students for one town wey near Toulouse for France. Na three people injure.

Tori wey dey comot be say all di three people wey wound be Chinese and one of dem wound bad-bad.

Di thing happen for outside one college for Blagnac.

French tori people say police dey talk say di 28-year-old driver use by force to jam di people although e no dey di list of people wey authorities dey put eye say dem fit do bad thing.

But police talk say im don enter plenty small-small palava before, plus including drug sef.

Tori wey we no confirm talk say di man bin get mental illness like schizophrenia. Local tori people, La Dépêche du Midi newspaper, say di man dey tell police say im hear voice for im head wey dey tell am say make im wound people.

Di students wey wound bin dey between 22 and 23 years old and dem don carry dem go hospital for Toulouse.

Government lawyer don go di place wey di walaha happen and dem say for now, nothing show say na terrorist attack.

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