Make una no insult Putin - Donald Trump

Donald Trump talk say e met Russian president "two or three" times shaperly for di summit inside Vietnam. Image copyright AFP
Image example Donald Trump talk say e meet Russian President "two or three" times briefly inside Vietnam.

US president don talk say President Vladimir Putin feel say na insult e be to am on top di accuse wey dem dey give Russia say dey chook mouth for di US election.

Trump talk on Saturday say e do "two or three" brief talk-talk with President Putin for di Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (Apec) summit wey happen for di port city of Da Nang, inside Vietnam.

President Trump talk to tori people as e dey go Hanoi say: "Putin say e no chook mouth. E say e no chook mouth. I ask am again."

"E get number of times you fit ask dat kain question... e no ever chook mouth for our election."

Trump say e believe Putin go feel "very insulted with dis, and no be good thing for our country".

Image copyright AFP
Image example Putin talk say e no dey happy say im talk with Trump dey too brief

Putin later come talk say na lie for di claim wey say Russia put hand through contacts with Trump campaign team. E tell reporters say: "Everything about di so-called claim wey say Russia put mouth for di US election na sign of di local political struggle wey dey."

President Putin say e regret say e no talk for long time with President Trump during wen dem see, and dis don show say "di relations between Russia and US never still come out of a state of crisis".

Di justice department don already dey investigate di claim and also to know whether Trump team also join hand with Russia.

Dey don already name big-big people wey don work with Trump before on top di investigation of dis mata wey dey go on.

George Papadopoulos wey be campaign adviser, don plead say e dey guilty on top say e lie give FBI about di time wey im do meeting with people wey dem say Russia send.

Former campaign manager Paul Manafort and business partner also dey for under house arrest on top di charge of money laundering wey no dey related to di election, but link to di investigation.

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