Spain Prime minister wan start campaign for Catalonia ahead of elections

Spain Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Dis na di first time Rajoy go visit Catalonia since Spain start direct rule for di region.

Spain Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy go show for Catalonia today, Sunday to start campaign for im Popular Party. Di campaign na for di elections wey go happen for Catalonia next month. Rajoy go follow people wey support di conservative party talk.

Im visit na after 750,000 people protest for Barcelona say make dem release di Catalan leaders wey dem arrest.

After di Catalan parliament vote independence for October, Rajoy come sack and arrest dia leaders.

Catalonia don declare independence from Spain

Spain high court dey find Catalan leader

Spain don sack Catalan parliament

Di prime minister visit today go be di first time wey im dey come di region since Catalonia begin fight for independence wey make Spain declare direct rule last two weeks.

Catalonia bin win di independence campaign with 92% of di vote but na only 43% of di people show for di voting.

Plenty of di people wey no support di independence no gree come out vote because dem no wan believe say di referendum wey happen for di region dey real.

Spain government do dia own back as dem cancel di Catalonia parliament , start direct rule, come still announce regional election wey go happen for December 21.

Since when Spain show Catalonia then, di former leader for di region Carles Puigdemont don run go Belgium.

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