Presidential voting don end for Somaliland

Hargeisa voters
Image example People bin line up to vote inside Hargeisa wey be di capital of Somaliland

Voting for president don end for di self-proclaimed state of Somaliland.

People come out to form long lines vote across di region for di 1,600 polling stations.

Di Electoral Commission say e fit take several days for di official result to come out.

Authorities for di country dey hope say e go help put di country hand well-well for wetin dey happen inside international talk-talk and world matter.

Dia constitution allow for di president to serve two terms, but di current President Mohamed Silanyo, decide to step down after just one, wey dem bin extend.

Na three candidates dey shook eye to replace am, for race wey dey tight..

Dem suppose hold election every five years, but dem delay dis one for two years because of drought and technical issues.

Image example One of di three presidential candidates, Abdirahman Irro show for one of di polling station for Hargeisa to drop im vote; im be leader of di Wadani Party

Di current president be Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud "Silanyo" and people don talk say im government fit get hand for corruption matter.

Image example Women sef turn up to vote for di fifth president wey go rule di country

Part of di things wey dem dey use for verification for dia voting na eye scanner so dat fraud no affect di result.

Authorities for Somaliland dey talk say make dem block social media, as di voting dey happen, so dat tori like 'fake news' no go comot.

Somaliland bin separate from Somalia for 1991 wen civil bin dey happen.

Image example One man carry imself for im wheelchair to cast im own vote

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