Why Chinese mama dem dey stay inside house after dem born

Image example Madam Ching believe say to dey inside dey good for pickin health

After Chinese woman born pickin finish, she dey do wetin dem dey call "postnatal confinement" - dis na when new mama dem no dey comot from house, get visitors or baff for one month when dem born finish.

Madam Ching wey just born pickin, she say postnatal confinement dey "important" and she never leave her flat, even though she born 28 days ago.

Di new mama bin speak to BBC tori person Victoria Derbyshire for video call as she never begin dey receive visitors.

'Confinement' dey very common for China and different parts for far east Asia. Dem even get special hospitals wey mama dem fit stay for one month. Sometimes na only once dem dey see dia pickin per day.

Di belief na say di new pickin body never strong enough to protect am from different kain infection.

Ching say pickin "need to dey use to im parent and di bacteria wey dey dia body."

Also, di mama fit catch cold, begin sick, because her body never strong.

Image example Dr Wu dey worry say confinement fit cause postnatal depression

Dr Kit Wu, na neurologist for King's College Hospital; she gree say even she follow do postnatal confinement.

She say di thing get plenty rule like: "you no suppose drink cold water during dat month, you no suppose baff, you no go wash hair, to comot outside your house na taboo. Some women sef no dey stand-up from bed for two weeks sef."

Dr Wu say, di danger be say e fit cause postnatal depression for British Chinese mama dem because most of di time, "na only dem alone dey manage without help."

She say di main worry be say, when mothers get medical problem, dem dey try handle am by demself and dis one fit affect dem and dia pickin.

She say di fact say Chinese women dey keep quiet no mean say people "suppose ignore dem."

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