Dem don raise $55,000 for woman wey give Trump middle finger

Some people for social dey praise Juli Briskman say she be "Heroine." Some people even say make she run for president for 2020 election. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Some people for social media dey praise Juli Briskman

Supporters don raise $55,000 for di woman wey her company sack after di photo of di way she give di middle finger to President Trump convoy spread for social media.

For 28 October, one White House photographer snap picture of wen one woman dey ride bicycle pass di president convoy of cars as dem dey leave di Trump National Golf Club for Virginia.

Juli Briskman wey dem come find out say be di woman for di photo, announce last week say her employers Akima LLC don sack her after she post di picture for her online profile.

Ms Briskman tell tori people for US say di oga dem for di company tell her say she go against dia social media policy because she use di photo as her profile picture.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Juli Briskman say she dey vex about where dia country dey right now and so wen she see president Trump convoy dey come, she see am as opportunity to say something.

One "Go Fund Me campaign" wey Rob Mello arrange for Ms Briskman after di company fire her don raise over half of di $100,000 wey be dia target.

For di fundraising page wey dey for gofundme website, dem write say:

"Juli Briskman na inspiration to all of us. Dis week we learn say her company don drive her from work because she exercise her first amendment rights."

"I don connect with Juli and we don officially make her di person wey go benefit from dis GoFundMe campaign. All di donation dey go directly to Juli. As di campaign beneficiary, she go dey able to post update and comment, so stay tuned!"

Some people for social media dey praise Ms Briskman for wetin she do, dem dey call her "Heroine", some say make she come out contest for 2020 election.

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