Woman claim say George Bush Snr touch her 'bum-bum'

Roslyn Corrigan talk say: "e drop im hand down to my buttocks and squeeze am Image copyright COURTESY OF CORRIGAN FAMILY/TIME MAGAZINE
Image example Roslyn Corrigan talk say: "e drop im hand down to my buttocks and squeeze am

One woman don talk say wen she be 16 years old, former US President George HW Bush touch her 'bum-bum' as she dey take photo with am together with her mama.

Rosyln Corrigan don be di sixth woman to accuse Mr Bush say e touch where e hand no suppose go for dia body.

She tell Time Magazine say she meet Mr Bush for 2003 meeting of CIA officers inside Texas, where her father been work.

Ms Corrigan talk say wen di thing happen, "My first reaction na serious fear, I dey really, really confuse. I be small girl dat time"

One talk-talk person for Bush agree say e don touch different women before-before.

On Monday, Jim McGrath, wey be spokesman for Mr Bush, tell di BBC say di 41st president, wey once be oga for CIA, "no put am for im heart to openly cause harm or stress to anybody, and e don again beg give anybodi wey e use mistake take offend during wen dem dey snap picture".

Ms Corrigan talk say di incident happen as Mr Bush dey pose for one photo with her and her mama for di CIA office wey dey for Woodlands, Texas, for November 2003.

She say:"As soon as dey snap di photo, e drop im hands from my waist go down to my buttock and squeeze am, na im make you see say for di picture my mouth dey wide open."

Mr Bush na 79 years old dat time.

For one interview with Time, Ms Corrigan talk say: "I just dey like, 'Oh my goodness, wetin just happen so?"

"I no talk anything. Wetin young girl wey be still teenager wan open mouth talk to ex-president of di United States? Like, 'Hey dude, you no suppose touch me like dat?'"

Image example Ms Kline (L) talk say her husband dey stand next to di former president as e touch her buttock.

For late October, after some other women begin claim say something like dat happen to dem too, Mr McGrath talk say Mr Bush "for some occasion, don pat women back before, e dey do am as good-natured manner".

E add say because of say di former president dey use wheel chair, "im arms fall on di lower waist of people wey e wan take picture with."

But Mr Bush stand up for di photo wey e snap with Ms Corrigan, and dis one dey bother her because she believe say "di excuse wey di ex-president dey give for im old man trick… no be true."

She talk say: "Wen I hear dat na di reason, like, 'Oh, e be just old man and e no know any better and im touch dey harmless and playful and na just where e arm fall… tears just begin dey comot from my eyes,"

"I just no believe dat. I no fit. I no fit take dat. I no fit sleep anymore, because dat no be true, and dis no be excuse."

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