India: Thief dem dig hole to use rob bank

A view inside the 25ft tunnel that the thieves dug
Image example Di thief take dia time take dig di hole

Thief people use four months take dig 25ft (8m) hole wey dem use rob one government bank for Mumbai, India.

Di police tell BBC say dem steal money and jewellery but dem no fit talk di total of wetin miss.

Authorities believe say di group rent space wey dey next to di Bank of Baroda so dem fit dig di hole.

Dem be dey run provision store for di area to cover dia activity.

Since Saturday wey di robbery happen, di suspect dem dey miss.

Image copyright Anushree Fadnavis
Image example Police believe say di thief dem rent shop next to di bank

E no do dey clear how di men take dig di hole for months without anybody suspecting dem.

India tori people talk to customer dem wey dem rob dia safe deposit box. Dagdu Gavani tell Mumbai Mirror: "All my life savings dey insider di bank locker. Di jewellery wey we don get since from different generations don go."

People wey dey work for di bank wey dey for Mumbai, na dem discover di robbery on Monday morning come call police.

Di police say dem rob 30 out of di bank 225 safe deposit box.

Dem never identify di suspects.

Image copyright Anushree Fadnavis
Image example Di Bank for Baroda na government bank

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