California Shooting: Gunman first kill im wife before im enter street

Police dey outside Rancho Tehama school. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example After im shoot for area, di gunman try to enter di primary school but di teachers no gree am.

Police don talk say di California man wey kill four people for America first kill im wife, hide her body, before im craze begin shoot people.

''We believe say na wetin start di whole wahala be dis''.

''Im just dey waka up and down for road dey shoot anyhow, so e possible say you fit get neighbour wey wound wey you never know yet.'' Na wetin police for Tehama County, Phil Johnson talk.

Police talk say di gunman, Kevin Neal no get clear reason to kill but im be wan just kill as many people wey im hand touch.

Image copyright POLICE MUGSHOT
Image example Police been done arrest Kevin Neal for other offence dem before

Di gunman been fire enter one primary school but teachers for dia no gree am enter inside.

Di teachers for Rancho Tehama Reserve School quick quick lock up di school gate immediately dem hear di gunshot sound for di area.

Government hail di teachers dem say na correct thing nai dem do wey save ''plenti'' live.

Police talk say na only one of di pickin nai gun shot hit, di rest na glass injure dem. Police later kill di gunman after dem see am inside one car wey im thief.

Image copyright GOFUNDME
Image example Gun shot wound injure Alejandro Hernandez for chest for school, dem do GOFUNDME to raise money treat am

Police talk say di gunman no target one person but just dey shoot anybody wey im see, im shoot enter di primary school but di teachers frustrate am as dem lock di school tight.

Police talk say na one semi-automatic and two hand gun dem recover from where di thing happen.

Tori people AP talk to one woman wey say she be Neal mama. She say im tell her say ''I dey on top di edge of mountain and no where dey to go''.

She talk say e don tey wey Neal dey battle im neighbour wey dey accuse am say im dey make drugs.

She also talk say Neal, wey dem raise for North Carolina, been dey work as cannabis farmer and im just marry im babe wey im friend for long time .

Fourteen people nai injure for di incident , including seven pickin dem na so police talk.

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