Australians don vote to support same-sex marriage

The announcement prominent jubilant scenes across Australia Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Di announcement spark places where people dey jolly all over Australia

Plenty people for Australia don vote to agree say make di country law permit gay marriage.

Dis one mean say more people want make law dey allow man to marry man, or woman to marry woman, wey be same-sex marriage.

Di vote wey no dey compulsory show say 61.6% of people say make government allow same-sex couples to marry, according to di Australian Bureau of Statistics talk.

Supporters wey belle sweet on top di matter don dey jollificate for outside, dey wave rainbow flags, even dey sing and dance.

Dis vote wey people for di country post na after one long and bitter debate about whether dem go change di law.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull say im government go now look how dem fit approve di vote, make e become law for parliament by Christmas.

"[Australians] millions of dem don talk dia mind and dem don pack vote to say yes for equal marriage," na wetin Mr Turnbull talk after dem announce di result.

"Dem vote yes for fairness, yes for commitment, yes for love."

Di result on Wednesday go end wetin don sometimes bring quarrel for campaign.

Same-sex marriage supporters even bad mouth di vote sef - many of dem bin say e no dey necessary, when parliament fit debate on top di issue direct.

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Image example Dis na Senator Penny Wong, one popular supporter wey get same-sex relationship as she dey, after di announcement

How di vote happen?

Di survey na something wey people decide on dia own, e no be like Australia election wey be something wey citizens must do.

More than 12.7 million people - about 79.5% of people wey don reach to vote - na im press hand for di vote wey last for eight weeks.

Di questions wey dem ask na: " make di marriage law change to allow same-sex couples to marry?"

Di Yes campaign argue say di na debate about equal treatment, while di No campaign put eye on top wetin be di meaning of family, how dem teach issues like gender for schools.

Wetin be di results?

Australia chief statistician David Kalisch announce say about 7.8 million people vote to support same-sex marriage, with like 4.9 million vote against am.

Im say participation high pass 70%, inside 146 out of di 150 electorates for Australia.

See as stars dey react

"Dis na very special for survey wey people do on dia own, and e pass others dem wey people don do on dia own around di world," Mr Kalisch talk.

"E show how important dis issue dey to many people for Australia."

Dem do di survey through post office.

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