Mali: Canada no go dey send plenty soldiers

Soldier from di United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission inside Mali Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Soldier from di United Nations Multi-dimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission inside Mali

Canada no go dey send hundreds of peacekeepers to support one United Nations (UN) mission for Mali like before, according to news agency Reuters.

Tori be say dis new level fit disappoint paddy-paddy countries wey bin want Canada to dey put eye inside security matter wey dey happen for Mali.

Na Prime Minister Justin Trudeau bin promise last year to contribute reach like 600 soldiers to peacekeeping operations, sotay Canadian defense experts travel three times to Mali, where soldiers wey di UN dey command don dey fight against Islamist militants.

But now, Canada say dem go dey divide dia soldiers among various missions and e no go dey pass 200 of dem wey go enter one place; dem go also train peacekeepers.

Dem still say dem go dey donate transport aircraft and helicopters as part of different "smart pledge" things wey dem ready to do.

UN officials say nothing spoil, and make people no too worry, because tosay Canada put all dia soldiers and equipment inside one single mission like Mali, then di country no go fit help other missions wey dey for di same region.

"Dis na exactly wetin we need, we need flexibility... we need to dey able to share dis resurces dem where we need dem pass," na wetin Jean-Pierre Lacroix, wey be U.N. under-secretary general for peacekeeping operations, tell tori people.

Mr Lacroix say talk-talk go continue on how Canada contributions go waka.

Reuters report say e fit be say people for inside Canada government no wan put dia mind again inside di Mali mission because of they way people dey die, and as dem begin realise say things dey hard more.

E pass 80 members na im don die since 2013, and dis one make Mali di deadliest peacekeeping operation for world.

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