Man wey make waitress cry with $2,000 dash money

Mr Atwell Tay Image copyright Atwell Tay/Facebook
Image example 32 years old Atwell dey work as oil trader for Singapore.

One waitress for Singapore bin cry after customer wey she serve dash her $2,000 - almost times three of di salary she dey collect every month.

Di waitress wey be single mother of two small pickin bin comot from Penang, land for Singapore ten years ago.

Since dat time, she talk say she dey struggle to take care of her pickin dem after her husband divorce her for 2012, marry another woman.

Apart from di waitress wey she dey do, she dey also wash clothes join and other small small work to hold bodi.

"My salary from di restaurant na $700 and I fit make $50 for any house wey I clean", di woman talk.

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Upon all di work wey she dey work, she still no see enough money to pay her pickin dem school fees. But dis money wey dis everyday customer wey be Atwell Tay dash her naim help her solve all her wahala.

Di waitress bin think say di $2,000 na even mistake as di food wey di customer chop na just $66. When she find out say di money na dash, she just break down, begin cry.

Atwell talk say something bin touch am to dash di waitress money because im know say to work for restaurant no easy at all.

Atwell wey be oil trader also say e like as di waitress dey work hard well-well instead of to dey beg people money.

Im tell di waitress make she just dey strong and continue to dey work hard.

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