Family fit loose dia house because dia pickin dey cry

Wurth family
Image example Dem tell di Wurth family say dem fit chase dem comot dia house because dia pickin dey cry

Dem don warn one family say dem fit comot dem for dia house because dia pickin dey cry.

Na di company wey dey manage di house tell dem say di pickin wey dey cry na noise and if di noise no stop, dem fit give dem two weeks notice to comot for di house.

Di parents, Attila and Ildiko Wurth, get 15-month-old daughter and one three-year-old son.

Dem say na so dem dey treat anyhow, people wey get children wey come dey rent house.

Di company wey dey manage di house say na neighbours bin dey complain everyday say di pickins dem dey make noise.

Dem say di other neighbours too get right make people no dey disturb dem with noise.

Image example Attila and Ildiko say e shock dem say dem wan comot dem for dia house for west London flat

Attila and Ildiko Wurth dey live for di top floor of private flat wey dem rent for Hammersmith for west London.

Dem say di thing shock dem when dem see email from di managing agent wey talk say dia neighbours don carry complain come say for 5.30am pickin dey cry and dey make other noise.

Di email come add join say "we don join bodi with your landlord and dem don give order say make we agree with you how you go comot for di house as soon as possible".

Attila say e shock dem to see di "heartless and harsh" way wey dem treat dem and e dey vex dem say dem fit send dem comot from dia house.

"We come dey fear. We no know wetin go happen after. We dey wonder whether dem fit troway our property for outside one day".

Dem say na social media come help dem put dia problem on top Facebook.

E don reach eviction level?

Image example Plenty families like dis Wurths own dey live for house wey dem rent

Di email wey dem get mention one 'Section 8' eviction - wey mean di housing law wey dem do for 1988, wey allow landlord to remove tenant even if rent never finish.

Shelter, wey be charity organization wey dey chook mouth inside housing mata talk say dem fit chase people on top mata like rent, bad behaviour, or say dem break agreement.

Dis one include whether you dey disturb your neighbour or not, but na court go decide whether dat one make sense.

Attila talk say dem bin dey very careful make dem no dey make noise but e no make sense say landlord dey expect say noise no go dey for house wey get small pickins dem.

But di managers wey dey run di place talk say no be only pickin noise dey comot from dia flat, say other noise wey be "banging, stamping, loud footsteps" dey.

Di family still dey wait to see wetin go happen.

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