Mans Not Hot: Di man wey dey behind Big Shaq

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Since im performance - Fire in di Booth blow, comedian Michael Dapaah don get more than 51 million YouTube views and 20 million streams.

From Kurupt FM to Roll Safe - and now Big Shaq - artistes wey dey combine wetin dem dey call mockumentaries and music don do well recently.

BBC Newsbeat talk to di 26-year-old wey dey behind Big Shaq, about why im feel say dis style dey make waves.

For Michael, im talk say di difference between wetin dey real and wetin be acting no plenty.

"People no know whether e dey real or na wayo and na dat one dey make am interesting to dem," in tell Newsbeat.

"Some people go see you and dem go think say na so you really dey. Dem go be like, 'Oh, im great me,' and I dey like, 'Yeah, of course'.

Mans Not Hot fit dey siddon for number 11 for di singles chart, but confusion still plenty about where Michael Dapaah stop, and Big Shaq begin.

"I be creative entertainer wey dey enjoy to bring good content to di world. I no be Big Shaq - Shaq na im own person", im talk.

"Big Shaq come out from wetin I dey do for YouTube wey I call Somewhere in London," im explain. "I just bin wan create something wey get plenty character and plenty style.

"Kind of how I take see London for my own little way."

Im also tell BBC Newsbeat why im decide to introduce imself to di world as Big Shaq and Michael Dapaah at di same time.

"I be entertainer wey get plenty styles," im talk.

"If I go back to when Borat and Ali G bin dey do am, dem bin dey do just TV, cinema, TV, cinema.

"But I dey live for internet age where people like to feel say dem fit touch you, and so e dey important say I no remain for one place."

And Michael say wetin im dey do don carry am meet people like Drake and DJ Khalid.

"When I meet am [DJ Khalid] for BET, straight, im just know who I be," im tells BBC Newsbeat.

But even as im dey take yab music wey dem dey call grime and UK rap culture through Big Shaq, some of im biggest supporters dey for UK.

"Giggs, Stormz, Yungen, Santan Dave - all na rappers wey just dey do dia thing, na just crazy love e be," im talk.

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