Lebanon palava: Hariri dey talk to Macron for France

Saad Hariri (right) and Emmanuel Macron Image copyright Reuters
Image example Na President Macron say im wan help to solve di palava wey Mr Hariri cause when im resign

Lebanon Prime Minister Saad Hariri don meet with France President Emmanuel Macron for Paris.

Di meeting na to solve di palava for Beirut after Hariri waka go Saudi Arabia two weeks ago come talk say im don resign. But dem never accept im resignation.

Mr Hariri talk say di tori wey dey spread say di Saudis hold am for Riyadh no true.

Tori be say Saudi bin force Mr Hariri to resign because of how di country dey drag power for di region with Iran.

Lebanon president Michel Aoun talk for Saturday say Mr Hariri don tell am say im go return on Wednesday for independence day celebration.

How di palava take start?

Na when Mr Hariri travel go Saudi Arabia for 4 November im just announce say im no wan do prime minister again.

For inside television, im accuse Iran say dem dey cause problem for di region. Im also accuse Hezbollah, organization wey join for Lebanon government and wey Iran dey support, say dem dey try to scatter di country.

Im also talk say im dey fear for im life.

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Image example Nobody expect am when Saad Hariri resign for 4 November

But President Aoun no gree accept di resignation after im accuse di Saudis say dem dey hold Mr Hariri by-force. Saudi and Mr Hariri imself don deny am.

Mr Hariri put for Twitter say "To talk say Saudi Arabia dey by-force hold me and I no fit comot di country na lie.

Saudi Arabia order dia representative for Germany make im come back after German foreign minister talk style talk say Saudi dey by-force hold Hariri.

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