Germany coalition talk don scatter after FDP comot

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel dey face di biggest problem ever for di 12 years wey im don dey run things for di country after discussions to form new government enter comma.

FDP, wey bin dey do meeting with Mrs Merkel CDU/CSU party for four weeks now don waka comot.

Image copyright EPA
Image example Christian Lindner announce wetin go happen after meeting for Sunday

Christian Lindner, wey be FDP leader talk say im no fit trust di arrangement.

Nobody know wetin go happen next as Mrs Merkel suppose meet President Frank-Walter Steinmeier - im get power to order say make dem do another election sharp-sharp.

Na Mrs Merkel party and dia partners win election for September but even as dat one be, dem loose many voters wey dey support dem before.

Di Chancellor talk say she go tell di German president say di discussion don fail and im sorry say things no happen as dem expect.

She talk say "As chancellor, I go make sure say we manage di country well even as things go dey difficult for di weeks wey dey come".

Apart from say dem fit do election quick-quick, Mrs Merkel fit form minority government with Green party.

Di Social Democrats, wey be di second-largest party for parliament, don already talk say dem no wan join Mrs Merkel government.

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