Trump declare say North Korea na sponsor of terror

President Trump talk say di declaration suppose don happen long time ago. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example President Trump talk say di declaration suppose don happen long time ago.

President Trump don announce say US wan re-name North Korea as country wey dey sponsor terrorism, nine years after dey bin remove di country name from di list.

For one cabinet meeting, Mr Trump talk say dis move go ginger plenty more sanction against North Korea wey di treasury department go announce on Tuesday.

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Image example US President Donald Trump during di Cabinet Meeting declare North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson talk say di move fit no bring di kain result wey dem want, but dem get hope say e go hold North Korea accountable for dia recent action wey "include killing outside of dia country" and "using chemical weapons wey dem ban".

Mr Trump dey blame North Korea nuclear programme, and dia support for wetin e call international acts of terrorism.

Di US president talk say dis plan don "Suppose happen for long time ago."

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Image example North Korea leader Kim Jong-un still continue to pursue nuclear weapons and missile programmes in spite of UN Security Council sanctions.

For September, di US suggest different kain United Nations sanctions against North Korea, including oil ban and to freeze dia leader Kim Jong-un assets.

Dis na after di sixth nuclear test and repeat missile launch wey North Korea dey do.

North Korea join Iran, Sudan and Syria for list of countries wey dem believe say dey always provide support for wetin dem call acts of international terrorism.

Di country don dey di list before but di government of George W Bush comot dia name for 2008 as part of di talk-talk wey dey go on about dia nuclear programme.

Di campaign to put North Korea name back for di list increase after American college student, Otto Warmbier, die just after dem release am from North Korean prison.

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