Apple dey sell robots wey UK based Silas Adekunle make

Silas Adekunle, Reach Robotics Image copyright Silas Adekunle
Image example Silas Adekunle, Reach Robotics

Apple stores for US and UK don begin dey sell robots wey British Nigeria, Silas Adekunle make.

Adekunle company, Reach Robotics agree special deal with Apple, wey go make di shops di only place dem go sell dia MekaMons robot.

Reach Robotics na video game company wey dey make robots for play-play and education.

Di robot wey dey sell for $299.95 enter Apple shop and online from 16 November.

Adekunle na engineer wey study robotics technology and finish with first class from di University of di West of England for Bristol, United Kingdom.

Na for Nigeria dem born Adekunle but im move go live for UK when im reach 11 years old.

''We don create new type of video game,'' Adekunle talk.

MekaMons na robots wey get four leg wey players go control with app for dia smart phones. Players fit use dia robots fight one on one.

Adekunle begin im company for 2013 and dem get up to 29 staff. Dis small company don get up to $9.5m capital from other companies wey invest for di business.

Adekunle add say: "Dis na very good time for our company because after we don spend plenty time dey work on di robot, we don finally bring Mekamon to customers for UK and US and we get plan to spread all over di world.''

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