Why one company dey give Chinese man free head of fish for life

Di place wey di accident happen Image copyright Other
Image example Camera for inside Liu car see when truck hit di car wey fall inside water

One Chinese man wey rescue four people wey get accident no go ever lack head of fish for im life again.

Dis one na after one local company promise am supply of head of fish till im die.

Liu Xinting been dey drive with im colleagues dem, to go chop head of fish for restaurant when im witness di accident. One car comot from road enter inside Qiandao Lake.

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Image example Na from window im take rescue di people as di car dey sink

Im dive enter di water to save di people wey dey inside di car as e dey sink. Im rescue four people including one pregnant woman.

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Image example Liu Xinting dey work with Alibaba

Di tori land for tori people dem table and wen local company Hangzhou Qiando Lake Development Group hear wetin im do, dem decide to reward am, come promise to dey pay for head of fish for am till im die.

Liu tell local tori people dem Hangzhou Daily say im no get time to reason di mata before im jump inside di water.

''Di fast thing wey I fit do dat time na to save dem, I know say e no good to dive enter water with cloth and shoe but time no dey to reason am.'' Na so im talk.

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Another thing we de for inside dis tori