Ratko Mladic get life imprisonment on top Bosnia genocide

Mladic inside court for di Hague Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Ratko Mladic bin dey shout for court

Former Bosnia Serb commander Ratko Mladic aka "butcher of Bosnia" dey go jail for genocide and other bad things wey im commit for Bosnia War for 1990s.

Mladic bin lead di army group wey go massacre Bosnia Muslims (Bosniaks) for Srebrenica, im also surround di whole town of Sarajevo.

Na UN Tribunal for Di Hague na im convict am of 10 out of di 11 offence wey dem bin accuse am of.

Mladic bin no dey court when dem read im sentence because dem carry am comot from court when im begin shout on top di judge dem.

Mladic deny all di charges. Im lawyers say dem go go back court to appeal di sentence.

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Image example April 1992: Bosniak people dey take cover for Sarajevo

Wetin bi im offence?

Mladic bin dey trial for International Criminal Tribunal for di former Yugoslavia (ICTY) since 2012, for di crimes wey im comit as military commander for Bosnia Serb force wey fight against Bosnia Croat and Bosniak army dem.

Court find say im contribute seriously for di killing of 7000 Bosniak men and boys. Court say dis offence na di worse thing wey don happen for Europe since World War 2.

Dem charge am for war crime and crime against humanity, but dem free am from other charges wey include genocide for other areas.

Judge Alphons Orie wey dey in charge of di case read di many crimes wey di troop commit for Mladic command, dem include;

  • mass rape of Bosniak women and girls
  • keep Bosniak prisoners for bad condition - e starve dem, beat dem and many of dem sick.
  • e terrorise civilians for Sarajevo
  • e deport plenty Bosniak by force
  • e destroy Bosniak house plenty including dia mosque dem.

After war end for 1995, Mladic hide 16 years for Serbia. Finally dem catch for im cousin house inside one village for north of Serbia.

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Image example People wey suffer for Mladic hand and dia relatives dey watch di court decision for memorial centre near Srebrenica

Bosnia people happy

People wey suffer for Mladic hand and dia family members happy when dem hear di sentence.

One group, Mothers of Srebrenica say dem happy small. Some relatives say di punishment wey court give am too small .

UN human right chief Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein call Mladic "epitome of evil".

Amnesty International say dis decision na "landmark moment for justice".

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