India: Vex as minister say 'cancer na divine justice'

Himanta Biswa Sarma na Assam state health minister. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Himanta Biswa Sarma na Assam state dia health minister.

People for India don begin squeeze face, after di health minister from Assam state go open mouth talk say cancer "na divine justice" because of "di sin wey person don commit before."

Himanta Biswa Sarma add say people fit get diseases like cancer "because of di sin wey dia parents don commit."

Cancer patients and dia relatives talk say wetin dis minister talk so, make dem sad well-well.

Opposition parties sef say dis word dey too bad and dem don tell am to say sorry give everybodi.

State opposition party wey be di All India United Democratic Front add dis mouth join, say Mr Sarma give dis statement to "cover im failure to control di spread of cancer for di state."

Tori be say Mr Sarma make dis comment about cancer wen e dey speak for one public event for Guwahati on Wednesday.

Di Times of India write im word like dis:

"God dey make us suffer wen we sin. Sometimes we go see young men wey get cancer or young men wey get accident.

"If you look di background of dat person, you go find out say na divine justice and nothing else. We need to suffer dat divine justice."

How people feel on top wetin di minister talk?

Plenty people for Twitter don show dia anger:

Mr Sharma wey be member of India ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), later enter Twitter too to defend imself but im tweet come even vex people more.

Research wey come from di Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) say because people no too know about cancer and because dem no dey go for testing, only 12.5% of patients dey come for treatment during di early stages of di disease.

Di report add say di number of new cancer case or di way e be for di country, go grow by 25% by di year 2020.

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