Three cups of coffee per day ‘fit help you’

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Image example Small coffee here, small coffee dia fit good for your body

To dey drink coffee small small dey okay and three to four cup per day fit even get health benefit. Dis na wetin one new report wey BMJ do find out.

Dem see say people wey dey drink coffee, disease like liver, some cancer and stroke no dey quick catch dem.

Researchers from University of Southampton collect informate of how coffee dey affect human being body, dem chook eye inside 200 report dem .

When dem compare, e be like say people wey drink like three cups a day reduce dia chance to get heart problem or to die from am.

Di strongest benefit of to dey drink coffee na how e reduce risk of liver problem and cancer.

For pregnancy though, di report warn say to dey drink coffee too much wen person get belle no good.

But Prof Paul Roderick, wey join carry out di research talk say di report no fit say sha if na coffee drinking nai make di difference.

''Other things like age, whether di person dey smoke or not, whether im dey do exercise too fit don affect di result.'' Na so im talk.

Di researchers no really fit say how coffee dey do beta things for human body, but if e be di ingredients wey dey prevent or slow di way cell fit damage for body.

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Image example Researchers no sure how coffee dey help human being health but dem suspect say e get to do with di ingredients

When di tori change?

For plenty years doctor dem been dey warn people to stay clear of coffee because e fit affect growth and cause heart problem.

Dem say people fit dey addicted to di caffeine wey dey inside am, dis one too go come make dem want am more.

Dem been talk say e dey damage di digestive organ and e fit cause ulcer, heart burn and other sickness.

All of dis report dem come out from research wey dem do tey tey, wey compare di health of coffee drinkers to di ones wey no dey drink.

Dat time, coffee drinkers health worse , but now di tori don change.

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