Japan: Lawmakers chase baby comot dia meeting

Yuka Ogata with her son Image copyright NHK
Image example Dem say Yuka Ogata son no get permission to enter di parliament

Lawmakers for one Japanese municipal assembly quick-quick pursue seven-month-old pickin from dia council meeting because di pickin na "visitor."

Di pickin Mama na Yuka Ogata, and she be politician for Kumamoto Municipal - her fellow lawmakers blame her because she try carry her pickin enter dia council meeting.

Ms Ogata say why she do am na because she bin wan show say things no dey easy for women wey dey work and train pickin dem at di same time.

Japan na very traditional society and e get some kind things wey dem expect women to do for dia society. Dat na why many women dey abandon office work face dia children once dem marry.

Na di first time wey Ms Ogata bin try to dey attend council meeting, since she born her son.

Image copyright NHK
Image example Ms Ogata say she wan show how difficult e dey for women for Japan to work with pickin for hand

She tell tori people say, na plenty times she bin ask di assembly secretariat to allow her pickin follow her siddon for council. But as dem no give her any better answer, she kuku carry her pickin follow bodi.

But di officials for di council say she break di law of dia assembly as dem no dey allow visitors or observers follow dem siddon.

After dem do plenty talk-talk with her, na Ms Ogata friend help her hold di pcikin, so dat she go fit do meeting.

Di council say dem go discuss her matter, then find as dem go fit take support lawmakers wey still get small-small pickin dem.

Speaker for di assembly Yoshitomo Sawada, tell local tori company Mainichi newspaper say: "we go try get system wey assembly members go fit carry dia children come do meeting."

Japan dia Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and im government don dey try for years now to see how dem go fit make things better for women wey still hold pickin for hand.

Out of 144 countries, World Economic Forum say, Japan be number 114 country wey dia tradition no favour women at all.

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