New video show how donkeys dey die for medicine for China

Donkey Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Dem dey use di skin of donkey to some kain medicine and cream for China

Di join-bodi wey dey chook eye inside how people dey treat animal, PETA don release new video, wey show how people dey kill donkeys anyhow for farm for China to make ejiao medicine.

Dem say plenty donkeys wey reach thousands dey suffer for China market.

People dey keep dem for dirty place without space, still come break dia head with hammer.

Image copyright PETA
Image example Di video show wetin be like say workers dey use hammer break donkeys head, then dey cut dia throat before dem comot dia skin.

According to one of di president of PETA wey be Ingrid Newkirk, donkeys wey small well-well too no dey escape dis kain killing.

"Dem dey break di head of donkeys wey small like five months; dem dey die slowly and painfully all because of one ingredient."

Dem dey kill dem to do ejiao, local medicine wey dem dey make with donkey skin.

Ejiao don become popular among Chinese rich people, as dem believe say e no go make dem quick old and e go help dem sleep well.

Dem dey also use am for some sweets and snack and cosmetics.

Di high demand dey make China dey import Donkey to do di medicine.

Last year na im some countries for Africa stop to dey sell donkey give China because di demand don become too much.

Niger ban export of donkeys to Asia for 2016, Burkina Faso also stop to dey sell donkey skin give dem.

According to PETA for Asia, e reach 1.8 million donkey skin na im dey go up for sell every year.

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