India man wey thief 120 television from hotels

Police dey around di person wey dem talk say dey tiff television Image copyright Bangalore Police
Image example Bangalore police dey with Vasudev Nanaiah and some of di television wey dem talk say im thief

Police for India don arrest one man say e comot pass 120 televisions from hotels. Na four months e carry dey thief all dis televisions.

Police tell BBC tori person, Imran Qureshi say di workers for di hotel no dey ever suspect Vasudev Nanaiah as e dey behave like better person when e be guest.

Dem talk say Nanaiah dey like carry big suitcase as e dey enter di hotel.

For October, dem catch am as e bin dey thief television and e bin dey on bail when dem catch am again.

Di deputy commissioner of police Chetan Singh Rathor bin talk say if im bag too small, e go just check di size of di TV go find another bag.

Police catch am after di person wey e try sell di television give, report am.

Now di police dey try make di matter dey heavy for im head well-well as dem dey file am as twenty one cases so e go fit carry bigger jail sentence.

Na court go decide if dem go check whether Nanaiah get mental problem.

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