How net neutrality palava fit change how you dey use internet

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Image example For 2015, many peole for world enter street to protest say make di internet dey open and free

For America and later di world, December 14, 2017 na important day for di way people dey use internet.

E fit change as we dey use internet and dis one na because of wetin dem dey call 'net neutrality.'

Di truth be say di internet no be di same way e be, before-before.

Even if person carry dia phone or use dia computer and use 'www' to visit any website dem like, e no dey work as e dey do before.

Di way internet suppose be na for di thing to dey open and free to use for anyone, anywhere you dey for di world but, you sef know say sometimes you go fit go some sites and e no go connect.

No forget, dis na di same internet wey you dey use to log inside your Facebook and Whatsapp, na di same internet wey dey allow people watch video. Dat internet fit change.

Di America Federal Communications Commission (FCC), wey dey control communications for radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable, don vote to comot net neutrality.

Wetin be dis net neutrality?

Dem no support media player for your device
Wetin net neutrality mean?

Net (Network) neutrality na idea say di people wey dey provide internet (internet service providers) ISP like Mainone, MTN, Spectranet and co, go make internet dey equal for everybody.

Di neutrality be say your ISP no suppose dey block some website or reduce di speed or make dem allow some other site dey load fast-fast.

Di koko be say, if dem allow net neutrality to dey, all di di things wey dey use internet go get equal chance.

Since 2001 wen dem form di word, na so-so argument for America on how net neutrality suppose work.

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Image example Na for 2014 former US President Barack Obama tell FCC make net neutrality dey ground to help people wey dey use internet

Some people dey talk say na because net neutrality dey na im company wey dey use internet like Facebook, Uber even Jumia fit start.

Di argument plenty sotay by 2015, di FCC bin arrange new rule wey dey regulate as person dey enter internet but di people wey no support dat rule talk say if dem start dat kind thing, na im everybody go dey do new law and internet go dey hard to access for everybody.

For Monday 28 November, company like Twitter, AirBnb, Reddit, Tumblr plus other small company wey dey use internet tell di FCC say make dem no change net neutrality rules.

Africa nko?

Di way internet dey for Africa don reach 16% (2012), and plenty people dey use dia phone to enter internet.

Many people dey use website like Facebook, Google and Wikipedia and because access to am dey easy, e no hard for person to use internet.

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Even for business dem, as di internet dey easy to access, na so people fit run dia hustle.

Free and open internet na big thing for government matter sef.

See things like 'Arab Spring' wey happen as young people dey talk democracy for country like Tunisia, na because people fit use internet, na so things easy.

Why e concern you

People go dey look as di matter dey go because of di December 14 vote wey FCC take comot net neutrality.

Di thing be say, some things wey person dey use for internet fit dey affected.

Maybe na di way you dey use internet or di kain money person dey spend for some kain services.

If dem allow net neutrality, ISPs fit arrange say make di money people dey pay increase; if e no pass, den some site go start dey slow or you no go fit stream some things.

Your ISP fit even block people wey dem no like.

No be just for US, as e be so, no forget say e get some kain products like Netflix wey person dey watch film for and for plenty Africa country, many of dem no get servers.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori