US president Trump dey vex for UK PM Theresa May for Twitter fight

Theresa May and Donald Trump Image copyright Reuters
Image example Theresa May and Donald Trump meeting at the UN General Assembly

Donald Trump shake finger give UK Prime Minister Theresa May sau make she face "terrorism" inside di UK after she yab am because Trump bin share some kain hate speech videos dem.

"No focus on top me, focus on di destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism wey dey happen inside di United Kingdom," na wetin Mr Trump tweet.

Di US president bin don already retweet three videos wey one British group post.

Na Mrs May' talk-talk person say e dey "wrong for di president to do dis thing."

Di US and di UKna close paddy-paddy wey be say many people describe dem say de get "special relationship."

Theresa May na di first foreign leader wey visit Trump inside di White House.

UK take di latest matter serious sotay di speaker of di House of Commons wey be dia lawmakers don agree to request from Labour MP Stephen Doughty, so dat all of dem go discuss di matter.

UK lawmakers don dey react to di tweet; Work and Pensions Secretary David Gauke support Mrs May and e call di Britain First group a terrible organisation.

But even though Education Secretary Justine Greening say she no agree with Trump tweets, she say make dem no allow dis one spoil di special relationship between di two countries.

Dis na because many big-big people, including London Mayor Sadiq Khan don dey say make UK cancel Mr Trump state visit to di UK wey don dey planned.

Even for US, both di Democrats and Republicans na im yab Trump.

Republican Senator John McCain wey dey di same party with Trump say in dey "surprised" at di President im tweets.

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